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For this week’s recipe, I have decided to make jambalaya! I had a recipe for jambalaya in a book I had as a kid, and I made it every once and awhile to help my mum out, and I remember everyone loving it so much.

I have adapted this recipe from The Forked Spoon, but I took out some of the garnish and spices it calls for, for budgetary reasons and because I know I can’t handle much spice!

The jambalaya turned out as delicious as I remembered, however I would not call it a very student-friendly dish. It takes a long time to make, considering you have to prep vegetables and THREE kinds of meat! As the rice cooks as well, you have to stir it every 5 minutes unfortunately, so you can’t really ever walk away from it. While it was delicious, I probably wouldn’t make it again unless I knew I had a lot of time on my hands. Also, make sure you use the biggest pot you own!!! This makes a LOT of food, and a big pot would definitely make this recipe easier.

This week I made a video to document my cooking. It has most of the steps in it, however I made a mistake putting the shrimp in too early so don’t copy me! If you want a really informative step-by-step of how to make this recipe, click on the link above. Next time I will definitely ensure to read the entire recipe before I start any cooking. Thanks for watching!


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